Large Scale Lighting for Restaurants, Resorts, Nightclubs & Commercial Spaces

We are also open to collaborating with interior designers, professional decorators, architects, and lighting specialists. To learn more about our Consultation and Bidding Fees, or order a Chandelier right away call us at 561-613-8865 or fill out the contact form.

From small to large-scale lighting, from a single piece to hundreds of lighting fixtures, Blown Glass Collective can fulfill custom orders big and small.

Looking for a custom hand-blown glass chandelier to light up your restaurant or resort? Want to illuminate the dance floor of your nightclub or the main atrium of your shopping mall?

Then look no further as Blown Glass Collective can create and design one-of-a-kind blown glass lighting fixtures perfect for large areas. These sculptural lighting elements not only brighten a space—they can also decorate hospitality and commercial spaces.

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