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Bid adieu to the winter season with this gorgeous Spring Grass Dew Wall Sconce by the Blown Glass Collective. Featuring carefully crafted glass tendrils that evoke fresh green grass, this piece is perfect for revitalizing any blank space.

Each playful curl lends a more natural look and feel to the Spring Grass Dew Wall Sconce—an effect that is difficult to replicate with machines. Every single piece is carefully crafted using traditional hand-blowing methods that are also used for making high-quality Murano glass.

Should you associate spring with other colors, our wide range of customization options have you covered. Because each piece is made to order, there will be slight variations in the colors and shape of the final product. Rest assured, however, that each and every piece receives the same care and attention to detail, much like Mother Nature bringing life to the Earth.

No matter where you plan to install the Spring Grass Dew Wall Sconce, you're sure to rejuvenate the place with this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

  • Approximate size: 16” x 36”
  • Each piece is made to order; please allow 5 to 6 weeks of production time before delivery
  • Custom colors available
  • Bulbs not included
  • Detailed assembly instructions included with each chandelier
  • Assistance from a licensed electrician necessary for the installation of the included electrical components
  • On-site assembly available at an additional charge

          Spring Grass Dew Hand Blown Glass Wall Sconce

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