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Artist's Bio

The Story of Basil

Founder of the Blown Glass Collective

Being of Greek heritage, Blown Glass Collective Founder Basil was naturally intrigued by glass work. At a young age, he watched his family members blow glass on a small island in the Aegean Sea, using traditional techniques passed on from generation to generation. Those skills were descended from the same techniques used to make Hellenic Glass during the time of the Ancient Greeks.

He eventually built a small studio on his parents’ property and started selling his glass pieces to family, friends, and clients. He started with fused glass, progressing to furnace work, until mastering the art of glass blowing and torch work. This marked the start of a career that has spanned over 30 years in the design industry.This amazing discovery sparked a life-long love and passion for the art of glass work. It continued as Basil attended a local glass workshop in Chicago during his teenage years. He knew that this craft was something he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

He continued to hone his craft by attending workshops and classes at numerous glass-blowing schools throughout the United States, such as those offered by Hobbs Glassworks, Chaos Glass Studio, and Talisman Glass. Basil also traveled throughout Europe, learning fro
m the master glassblowers of Italy. He studied at the Abate Zanetti and Tuffolo Studio workshops in Murano, Venice; he also learned at the Vetraio Anchio workshop in Carisolo, Trentino.

Yet despite all these experiences, Basil never forgot his roots. Growing up near the ocean, his works past and present have been inspired by Greece’s gentle Mediterranean climate and awe-inspiring sea. In his own words: “I prefer to work with glass for its ability to express flow, the way it freezes a moment in time, and manipulates optics.” Basil’s interpretations of natural forms combine elegant design with rich vivid color, creating original, hand-blown glass art.