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Tips for Cleaning your Blown Glass Chandelier

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Tips for Cleaning your Blown Glass Chandelier

Blown glass chandeliers are a beautiful, natural glass that has been around since the beginnings of time. While in the early days of it’s use, this type of glass was used for practical applications such as making bowls to hold things, in today’s modern life we enjoy blown glass in beautiful creations such as a hand-blown glass chandelier. Blown Glass Collective is a top retailer for selling this precious commodity. Their blown glass chandeliers for sale are top in their industry for quality and design.

When you purchase an investment such as these beautiful pieces of art, you will want to make sure that you are maintaining it’s beauty by properly cleaning it. These useful tips can help to ensure your blown glass lighting chandelier always looks as beautiful as new with a glistening finish. First, you must prepare your workspace to minimize excess dust exposure and mess. Next, you will decide your dusting method depending on the level of cleaning you desire for your chandelier. Finally, you should consider how utilizing moisture can help with ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

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Prepare your Work Space

For your first time engaging in this chore, you may feel overwhelmed; however, with proper preparation, this task is fairly easy and well worth the effort. Before you clean your glass blown chandelier, think ahead of how the furniture and spaces underneath your workspace will be affected. To reduce excessive cleanup and mess, remove any furniture that is beneath the chandelier if possible. If this is too much, you can simply cover the furniture with an old sheet to protect it from falling dust.

If you have a wide umbrella, a smart trick is to hang it open from the chandelier which helps to trap falling dust particles. In the preparation process, you will also want to make sure that your chandelier was turned off for at least a half hour before cleaning to make sure the bulbs are cool. Wearing an apron while cleaning to carry your cleaning supplies is extremely beneficial to avoid having to climb up and down a ladder during the cleaning process.

Decide your Dusting Method

Before beginning your cleaning you should decide if you want to complete a light touch dusting or a hands-on dusting. With a light touch dusting, you will simply brush off loose debris from the surface of the chandelier blown glass. A feather duster is a great tool for this method of cleaning. Another great tool for light touch dusting would be a blow dryer on a low setting to blow the dust off of the surface.

For a hands-on dusting, you will be completing a more thorough cleaning that can remove tougher, caked on dirt. Materials such as cotton cloths or a microfiber cleaning mitt are useful for this task. You will want to avoid abrasive materials such as paper towels or static dust pads which can scratch the surface of the glass.

Consider Moisture Usage

When cleaning your blown glass chandeliers, a liquid glass cleaner can be a great benefit to help the cleaning process. For chandeliers that need a deeper cleaning, a dry cleaning will not be sufficient to remove built-up dust. Whether you decide to individually remove your crystals and wash them one by one or use a damp cloth that has been soaked with glass cleaner should be determined on the amount of time you have available to complete the task. An additional wet method of cleaning your chandelier could be utilizing a sink filled halfway with warm water. You will just want to make sure that you have a soft towel at the bottom to protect your precious glass.

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