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Three Tips for Buying Blown Glass Chandeliers

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Three Tips for Buying Blown Glass Chandeliers

Blown glass is a form of art medium that produces everything from candleholders and glassware to beads and pitchers. It can be colored or clear and you can distinguish it easily by the small bubbles that emerge in the glass. You can also distinguish hand blown pieces by asymmetrical shapes or irregularities that make every piece distinct. You can decorate your home using wall art, furniture, and other ornamental items to develop a beautiful space that's practical, comfortable, and mirrors your taste. However, if you want the space to exude elegance, you can use a blown glass chandelier. This type differs from the conventional kind even in the look it creates. Therefore, it's also important you recognize how to buy them using this guide.

Consider the Size of the Living Room and Chandelier

While various chandelier styles exist, they can't all fit in your living room. Pieces that display a cascade of lights have an appealing look. However, if you don't have a high ceiling from which to hang them, you're at a loss. Remember, you're purchasing a glass blown chandelier to shed light in a room instead of dominating the entire space. Fortunately, you can find a hand blown glass chandelier in various sizes from our product line. We recommend you measure the piece's diameter and length. To establish the ideal length for a chandelier that you've suspended over a table, permit 30 inches from the chandelier's base to the tabletop.

When it comes to the diameter, add the room's total length with its width and convert it to inches. The digit will function well with the chandelier's diameter. Don't worry if you discover the measurements are somewhat off. After all, you can readjust the chandelier's height after its installation. Ensure the chandelier's size is right and doesn't overwhelm your room's décor. We recommend you measure your room carefully and establish the size you can afford to install before you go shopping.

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Consider the Design of your Property and Chandelier

Chandeliers come in different designs and colors and it isn't easy to establish the one which will provide the appropriate fit for your property. It's important you take some time to study your property's design and architecture to establish the type of aesthetic you desire. For instance, if you wish to include a classic touch to your space using a vintage-looking chandelier, you can opt for a more conventional design. In the event that your property has an urban and modern styling, you may need a Murano blown glass chandelier that fits in with the specific theme. After understanding your home's aesthetics and design, you'll be better equipped to establish the type that will offer a good fit for your space.

We also recommend you study the color, finish, design, and the embellishments added to the chandelier carefully before making your purchase. Bear in mind that these signify the chandelier's durability and craftsmanship quality. If you discover the color isn't even and the application of embellishments isn't proper, you can anticipate the chandelier to appear dull and the design to fade within a short period. Fortunately, our reputed establishment offers quality products, which you can trust.

Consider the Installation and Electrical System

Most people often ignore the chandelier's electrical system because they tend to focus more on the external beauty. It's important you pay attention to the electrical system and make sure the product features appropriate wiring. Furthermore, the design should be appropriate to enable installation. Never make a purchase without inquiring about the system's specifications. Bear in mind that it should have a CE mark as an illumination product. Beware that most chandelier producers are incapable of giving merchandise with this certification; this is necessary for insurance purposes.

You should also obtain information regarding the installation, warranties, and spare parts. Keep in mind that Murano chandeliers can be somewhat fragile and the pieces could break during the cleaning or installation process. Therefore, ensure the chandeliers have some type of warranty. Spare parts should also be available so you can substitute broken pieces. Once you consider these factors, you'll be in a position to select a good chandelier for your home. These fixtures will last a long time without becoming faded or dull as long as you clean and maintain them well.