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The 5-Minute Cleaning Routine for Your Hand-Blown Glass Chandelier

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The 5-Minute Cleaning Routine for Your Hand-Blown Glass Chandelier

With their ornate curls and elaborate designs, hand-blown glass chandeliers may seem like a pain to clean. The fact that they’re made using traditional glass-blowing methods even makes some people think that they require special processes to get them back in tip-top shape.

However, these pieces are actually quite easy to maintain. All you need is a few minutes every couple of weeks to complete the entire cleaning process. Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Turn off the chandelier from the main switch.
    Obviously, cleaning a piece with light shining in your eyes is going to be quite hard. This will also ensure that you don’t get accidentally “grounded” or be mildly shocked if you touch the metal portions of the chandelier.

    A quick tip: tape over the switch of the chandelier before you start. That way, no one else at home will accidentally switch the lights on while you’re busy cleaning the piece.
  2. With a can of compressed air, simply start blowing the loose dust off the chandelier.
    Compressed air in cans—the same thing used to remove dirt from delicate computer parts—are generally the most you’ll ever need to clean dust off the chandelier. They’re easy to use, as all you need to do is to pump out the pressurized air from the can, like an aerosol spray. These cans are readily available in most hardware stores and don’t come at exorbitant prices.

    A cheap alternative, especially for cleaning small nooks and crannies, would be to use a manual air blower. They’re commonly used for cleaning camera lenses and often sold as part of lens cleaning kits. Sometimes they’re also sold with lens brushes, which can be also used for dusting your chandelier. However, if you have a big piece, better stick with the can of compressed air. You may just end with cramped hands and wrists from squeezing the blower repeatedly.
  3. Need more cleaning power? No need for special cleansers.
    Just mix some mild soap or Windex with some warm water, then use this mixture to wipe the whole chandelier clean. This will generally take care of all the dirt stuck on the chandelier that compressed air can’t just dust off. Avoid using harsh detergents as these may only end up damaging the piece. The chemicals in these cleaners may react with the pigments used in the glass, resulting in discoloration.

    For best results, use a microfiber cloth when cleaning, as these won’t leave any stray fibers on the piece. Like the can of compressed air, this kind of cleaning cloth can be easily purchased in most hardware stores.
And you’re done! As you can see, these three easy steps are all you need to follow when cleaning a hand-blown glass chandelier. You won’t even need to disassemble the entire piece or unmount it from the ceiling. By regularly carrying out this cleaning routine, you can help your lighting fixture last for generations.