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Redecorate your Home in 2018 with a Blown Glass Chandelier

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Redecorate your Home in 2018 with a Blown Glass Chandelier

Does your home need a makeover? Does your home feel dreary and boring? Are you lacking something that will bring extra energy and ambiance into your home? Do you need to revamp your home and make a welcoming paradise? Before you consider entire home makeover, you want to consider if there is a certain item that would add a certain tone to your home. Invoke the beauty of tradition with the hand blown glass chandeliers by the Blown Glass Collective.

Museums and features across the country have colorful and dramatic blown glass chandeliers. We can help any homeowner and business owners across the country into expanding their options. We can find chandeliers with traditional designs and those that are more artistic and extravagant. What colors are you looking to add more of an ambiance to your place? Are you looking for something that is exquisite or something more traditional?

Add some Ambiance to your home

Expertly created with the same old glass blowing methods used for making Murano blown glass chandelier, these fixtures do not only bring light to space. We are also the perfect accent or decoration for your home, business, and restaurant. We are the crowning piece for any home, parlor, foyer, or conservatory. We offer a wide range of designs available, plus options for custom colors and sizes, these hand-blown glass chandelier will truly add a touch of elegance, style, and beauty to your place or business.

A Touch of elegance

Bring the austere colors and the charming of the new year of change to your home, office, or any room in your home. We promise that any business or homeowner will fall in love with the Amber Medusa chandelier. This piece, which is ideal for lighting up the entrance to your home, halls and reception areas, will amaze your guests and family so much that they’ll stop in their tracks. The Amber Medusa is made using time-honored glass-blowing techniques by skilled artisans—the same methods employed for creating Murano glass.

This means that no modern machinery is used in the creation of each chandelier. With each Amber Medusa glass chandelier being made from scratch, you can also request for customization. These include the addition of specific colors to the piece or the creation of a bigger version; even its base metal frame can be modified. That way, whether you need to light up your home, elegant hotel or a private lounge, this chandelier design will be a perfect fit.

Why Should You Purchase a Chandelier from Blown Glass Collective?

Blown Glass Chandelier

Blown Glass Collective offers a unique opportunity to improve your aesthetic. You can choose from a range of colors, shapes, and designs. Some have more color or sparkle. Others are more modest. Whatever you choose from Blown Glass Collective, there are a few things you might notice.

Blown Glass Collective Chandeliers Are Hand-Crafted

Our unique chandeliers cannot be manufactured by machinery. Every piece has to be carefully designed and shaped. Craftsmen cut and shape each piece. This ensures ideal light refraction and amazing designs.

Blown Glass Collective Chandeliers Are Full of History

The blown glass chandelier is a product of centuries of innovation and design. Glassblowing is an ancient art that has evolved from its original crude form to an advanced art. With blown glass, you can make any number of visions a reality. Professionals have experimented with different materials and techniques. This is how we achieve the range of designs we see now.

Blown Glass Collective Chandeliers Are Timeless

The chandelier goes back to the 16th century. Some designs can appear overly dated. You can find a chandelier that fits into your home. Our designs are timeless. So you might redesign your home, but your chandelier will stay relevant. You can find a chandelier to fit any room you want to decorate.

Expect Quality with Blown Glass Collective Chandeliers

Whenever you choose a new piece for your home, you should always look for quality designs. It’s not just about the way it looks. Chandeliers have to be carefully molded and cooled. With the right materials, you can also expect a chandelier that will last.

Explore Your Options with Blown Glass Collective

If you’ve looked at chandeliers lately, you know the industry has changed. You can say goodbye to the traditional crystal or clear glass designs. Say hello to more expressive designs that fit your personality and needs. Our chandeliers allow buyers to express themselves with a conversation piece in any room. We offer designs many people are used to only seeing in museums and other specialized exhibits. You can have these in your home or office.