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Change the Look of your Living Room with a Blown Glass Chandelier

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Change the Look of your Living Room with a Blown Glass Chandelier

Blown Glass Chandelier

Does your living room need an upgrade? Does your dining room feel dull and boring? Are you lacking something that will bring extra sparkle and pizazz into a room in your home? Do you have a room that needs better lighting but you can’t find just what you need to fit into your decor? Before you consider an entire room makeover, you want to consider if there is a certain piece that would fix things for you. Hand blown glass chandeliers are an upgrade that is guaranteed to brighten any room and not just because of the bulbs illuminating them!

An Ancient Tradition

Glass has been around since the dawn of humanity. As humans evolved and learned new skills, glass went from being a found item used for cutting, to a created item for practical uses, to more decorative uses, and now the glass is a part of our everyday life in various forms. Generally, the word ‘chandelier’ evokes images of opulence, sparkle, and glamour. Chandeliers have been symbols of status and wealth since the Renaissance when Venetian glass became renowned worldwide.

Palaces like Versailles are rife with them and nearly any wealthy home boasted at least one chandelier. The art of glassblowing, especially for luxury items and art pieces was a secretive art, passed down through families. The island of Murano was a center of glassblowing whose citizens never left the island, a measure enacted to keep the secrets of Murano glass from getting out to the world.

The Blown Glass Collective

The Blown Glass Collective grew out of over thirty years of work of a single artist, Basil, who first became interested in glassblowing after a workshop as a teenager. He put his decades of education, both formal and practical, to use, designing and selling unique pieces to private clients. When his wife joined him in this work, the Blown Glass Collective was born. The duo expanded their clientele and the popularity of their work grew exponentially.

Adding more artists to the Collective was a natural progression, the Blown Glass Collective now consists of many artists who share similar visions. Having more artists not only gives the Collective the ability to produce more pieces for their clients, it fosters the ability for collaboration and ensures that there will be an artist available to work with you to create your special vision.

The Only Limitation is Your Imagination

For the majority of the chandeliers produced by the Blown Glass Collective artists, the glass is hand blown using the best materials that can be sourced. For pieces that require uniformity, forms are used and the glass is mouth blown. Depending on the piece, color is pigmented into the glass or plated onto the glass later. The Blown Glass Collective maintains an extensive catalog of chandeliers as well as other lighting options like sconces. There are options available on some for custom colorization and there is always the option of commissioning a piece that will fit your vision.

Perhaps your living room would be complete with the glow of blown glass paper lanterns gracing your ceiling. A floral motif of canna lilies or crystal blue pansies would set off many decorating schemes. There are numerous more whimsical choices that resemble animals from the sea or bouquets of glass balloons. There are more classical choices of cascading crystals designed to wow even the most discerning of guest.

Ordering is the Easy Part

Once you have chosen your perfect hand-blown glass chandelier, you will find that ordering and receiving your piece to be a joy. Each piece is packed well for shipping, tracked, and requires a signature upon delivery. Included in your shipment will be detailed instructions on how to assemble your piece. We are always available for consultation and can even assemble and install the piece if you desire.

Our website is available for your perusal and to answer a lot of the questions you might have. We also offer a web contact form for further questions, and you can always contact us by telephone! These are not just blown glass chandeliers for sale, this is our art and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do!