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Go Beyond Traditional Lighting with a Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

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Go Beyond Traditional Lighting with a Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

Light is necessary for every home and business. Being able to see when the days are downcast or when it is night time is crucial for an industrialized society. For quite some time, lighting fixtures in most areas have been relegated to simply being functional items that kept the dark at bay. Do you have an area of your home or business that is just lacking something special? Do you need something to make a statement yet also be functional? When traditional lighting options strike you as dull and lifeless and you yearn for more options, it is time to consider the elegance of a hand-blown glass chandelier.

The Limitations of Traditional Lighting

Traditional lighting choices are somewhat stagnant and limited. Clear or opaque glass in shades of white lit with white bulbs and metallic accents seems to be the entire range of lighting choices typically available to many decorators. Traditional lighting generally has a uniform look to it which makes the lighting unobtrusive, this was the goal of lighting fixtures for many years, to blend in and simply light the area. Light is not just a practical necessity, it is also a medium with which you can paint the feelings you wish to project in an area. For this type of expression, the norms of conventional lighting fixtures simply won’t do.

Where did Chandeliers Originate?

Chandeliers first began as a practical way to light larger spaces. Since its inception, the chandelier has been closely associated with royalty and the aristocracy which perpetuated its status as a symbol of wealth, luxury, and grandeur. The large rooms of keeps, castles, and monasteries were virtually caves without adequate lighting and candles scattered about the room weren’t efficient. The first chandeliers were simple crosses of wood with candles embedded on them that were raised high into the room. As time progressed, chandeliers became more elaborate, first incorporating metals, then glass and other reflective surfaces. Blown glass and blown glass chandeliers became their own art forms, as well as a statement of status and good taste.

The Wide Range of Choices in Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers

Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers combine the best of technology and artistry. Centuries of craftsmanship and technological advances have been poured into the art of glassblowing and crafting chandeliers. Modern blown glass chandelier artists are skilled at incorporating wiring for electrical lighting into the designs as well as using scientific techniques to produce brilliant colors and a variety of textures in the glass. Attention is also given to the way light reflects and refracts and the best way to incorporate this science into designs. The incorporation of these scientific and industry advances allow for a broader range of choices available to modern chandelier shoppers. These days you can find chandeliers of more traditional design types to the very whimsical.

Why Purchase a Blown Glass Chandelier

Blown Glass ChandelierBlown glass chandeliers are handcrafted. Machinery cannot produce the same unique pieces, every piece is hand designed and created by blown glass chandelier artists which ensures unique designs and attention to detail. By purchasing a hand-blown glass chandelier you are taking part in an unbroken line of history going back over 800 years. Chandelier art has evolved and grown and keeps doing such into our modern times. Because of this history, blown glass chandeliers are timeless additions to any decorating scheme. Because of the diversity of artists working with blown glass, when you purchase a blown glass chandelier for your home or place of business, you can be assured that you will find something that perfectly fits in with your vision. You can also be assured that only the best materials have been utilized and that each piece is of the highest quality. You are not just purchasing a light fixture, you are purchasing a work of art, handcrafted by a blown glass chandelier artist whose vision will now grace your space.