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Design Tips: Try A Glass Plate Wall

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Design Tips: Try A Glass Plate Wall

Buying original art is a great way to decorate your home in a unique way. Where you can buy art that's to your tastes and will fit in with your current decor? Glass plate walls can be just the thing for your home. Here's how you can use them to create original art for your home, easily.

What Is A Glass Plate Wall?

Here at Blown Glass Collective, we create blown glass plates that are unlike anything else you've ever seen. Each plate takes the look of a flower in bloom and looks amazing when mounted on your wall. Light bulbs can be mounted behind them, which lights the plate up and gives you an amazing colored light effect. Of course, if you want a glass plate wall, you can mix and match glass plates to create a wall that's perfect for your home. You can use different colors and sizes to cover a whole wall if you so wish.

Why Use Glass Plate Walls In Your Home?

There are all kinds of reasons why you may want to try using glass plates to decorate your home. Here's just a few of them:
  • Create art that's unique to you: This chandelier blown glass can only be bought here, from Blown Glass Collective. That means if you use it on your walls, you'll have art that no one else has in their home. Who can resist having their very own unique art piece?
  • Match colors to your decor: The best part is that matches the decor of your home. If you take a look at the range of blown glass plates on our website, you'll see that there are lots of colors and shapes that you can pick. That means you can create walls that complement the rest of your decor easily.
  • Make your walls a talking point: It's clear to see that no one's going to have artwork in their homes that's just like yours. Create a talking point with your guests by creating glass plate wall anywhere in your home.
  • Mix and match: As mentioned above, you can mix and match colors and sizes when creating your own glass plate wall. You have full control over your own artwork, which means that you'll have a wall that's unlike anything else.

Support A Local Business

So, there's a lot of reasons why you'll want to create a glass plate wall in your home. However, one of the biggest reasons you should look into them is because you'll be supporting a local business. At this time of year, you'll be thinking about doing your holiday shopping. It's not just the gifts you need to buy, it's all the improvements you'll need to make to your home before you host people for the holidays. That means you're going to need decor to finish your home off. Blown Glass Collective is a local business that creates unique art for you and your home. If you shop with us, you're supporting small businesses and gaining art that you just can't get in big box stores. That's possibly the best reason to check out glass plate walls with us.

Glass Plate Walls

Finish Off The Look

Ready to buy your glass plates to create your own wall? Then why not buy a chandelier to complete the look? Here at Blown Glass Collective, we're famous for our hand blown glass chandeliers. Just like our glass plates, they can be created in a vast array of colors and styles. You can have a chandelier made to your specifics, giving you a light fixture that no one else will ever have. The best part of this is that you can have a chandelier that matches your glass plate wall. All you have to do is come and talk to us about your ideas. We can then get to work creating items that will transform your home.

As you can see, there's a lot of reasons why you should try a glass plate wall in your home. There's no art quite like it, and you'll certainly have a talking point in your home. Get in touch today, and we'll help you create art that you'll love.