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Consider a Glass Blown Chandelier for your New Home

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Consider a Glass Blown Chandelier for your New Home

Do you ever feel like your home is missing something? Does it seem like your always on the hunt for that one item that would really pull it all together? If you’ve been looking for that “wow” factor for your home but haven’t been able to find it, look no further than a blown glass chandelier. Unique, striking, and breathtakingly beautiful, these chandleries give your home a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Here are four reasons why you should consider a glass blown chandelier for your home.

Handcrafted Beauty

These chandeliers cannot be manufactured by machinery. Every single piece that goes into the completed chandelier is carefully designed and shaped using free-form hand blowing technique. For pieces that require exact uniformity, we employ mouth blown techniques, as well as some torch-blowing techniques. Highly skilled craftsmen cup and shape each piece, which means that no two chandleries are identical. These craftsmen also ensure that every assembled chandelier has ideal light refraction and one-of-a-kind design. There’s something special about one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces that truly make a home special.

Glass Blown Chandelier

Timeless Beauty

The use of chandeliers dates back to the 16th century. While some designs do appear dated, today you can find a chandelier that fits your home and personal style. Blown glass chandelier lighting will always be stylish and relevant. No matter how you decorate or redecorate your home, your chandelier will always mesh perfectly with its surroundings. Because of the high-quality craftsmanship, these pieces can last for generations to come. Making these pieces just as valuable as art that you might buy to hang on the wall. Many light fixtures become dated after 5 to 10 years. However, our pieces are so uniquely you that they remain exquisitely beautiful for decades, no matter what the trends happen to be.

Historical Beauty

Did you know those blown glass chandeliers are products of innovation and design across centuries? The earliest fragments of glass vases come from the 16th century Mesopotamia. The Romans were some of the first to utilize glass for architectural purposes. Additionally, they also spread many of their glass making skills through trade relations, road building, and more. This century-old art technique spread from France to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. There is even evidence of glass as far as China.

The art of glass blowing has evolved into an advanced form of art. With blown glass, your imaginations can come to life. Thanks to centuries of experimenting with various materials and techniques, we can now achieve the wide range of designs, colors, and works we see today. Enjoy a piece of centuries-old history in your home with one of our amazing works.

Exceptional Beauty, Exceptional Quality

Quality and beauty go hand in hand with our blown glass chandeliers. From the moment, we start working with you on your dream design we implement a level of quality not found in many places today. With slight variations, due to the natural characteristics that involve hand blowing glass, every piece is uniquely yours. However, we know that designing and choosing a chandelier is more than just about the way it looks.

Chandeliers need to be carefully molded and cooled in order to not only look beautiful but function beautifully as well. We also offer onsite assembly in certain locations for an additional charge. With the right materials, design, and expert glass blowers, you can expect a chandelier that will last and look beautiful for a lifetime and many lifetimes afterward.

If you’re shopping for a new home and getting tired of seeing the same old light fixtures and furniture that everyone else seems to have, consider a hand-blown glass chandelier. These gorgeous pieces double as a light fixture and a work of art. Thanks to centuries-old techniques, we can now design and create pieces that are built to last for generations. Not only are these pieces beautiful to look at, but they function beautifully as well. Offering ideal light for just about any room in your new home. Create a home that is as unique and special as you are with one of our handcrafted and masterfully designed pieces.