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The Art of Blown Glass Lighting

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The Art of Blown Glass Lighting

Blown Glass Lighting

Chandeliers, especially hand blown glass chandeliers, have always been associated with opulent and grand places. Cathedrals, palaces, grand government buildings, they have all utilized chandeliers not only for the purpose of lighting but to present a sense of awe and might. Being able to light an area, especially in the night time, has been a goal of humans since the fire was first discovered. Lighting an area with twinkling cascades of glass that reflects and refracts the light gives any room an ethereal feel.

How is the Glass for Blown Glass Lighting Made

Most of the glass pieces crafted for use in blown glass chandeliers is blown in the traditional, time-tested methods that were hoarded as trade secrets and kept among families for centuries. Some artists today still use traditional glassblowing techniques. Many integrate materials like silica sand, lead, and ash to change the color and consistency of the glass. This can create a range of effects offering more possibilities. Each production is unique. For a blown glass chandelier, you need professionals who have mastered blown glass.

A crystal blower will first gather molten crystals at the end of a blowpipe. Then they can begin to shape the chandelier. Professionals make a channel down the middle for an electrical wire. Then two glass workers can shape or twist molten glass into rope-like form. This process is delicate. So you need experienced professionals who know how to work together. The crystal has to be stretched exactly the right way after which they can snip both ends. Then molten crystal is placed into a press to design the bottom. Pliers are used to lengthening the ends into the desired shape. Some pieces are blown directly into molds to ensure uniform shape and size. As with all art, there will be slight variations due to the natural characteristics of hand blown glass.

How is a Chandelier Assembled

Chandeliers are often assembled with metal pieces and wiring. Depending on the style of the chandelier, it could be arranged in a solid formation, almost a single piece, or it can have cascades and many dangling parts. A lot of chandeliers are built on a custom metal frame that becomes part of the design and beauty of the piece. If you purchase a chandelier from the Blown Glass Collective, it will come with detailed assembly instructions so that you may install it yourself, or they also offer artist installations. As with any electrical fixture, you should hire a licensed electrician to install and connect any and all electrical components prior to assembly to ensure you are meeting your local code.

Why Choose the Blown Glass Collective

The Blown Glass Collective was created by an artist with decades of experience in glassblowing. When his reputation for quality and breathtaking creations upped his demand to levels he could no longer meet, he gathered artists he had worked with and admired to create the Blown Glass Collective. Blown Glass Collective offers a unique opportunity to improve your aesthetic with hand blown glass lighting. You can choose from a range of colors, shapes, and designs. Some have more color or sparkle. Others are more modest but no less beautiful.

These chandeliers could never be created by machinery, only the personal touch and vision of an artist could manifest these creations. Blown glass chandeliers are a product of countless centuries of innovation and design. Glassblowing is an ancient art that has evolved from its original crude form to an advanced art. With blown glass, you can make any number of visions a reality. Professionals have experimented over the ages with different materials and techniques to achieve the range of designs we see today.

Our Art is Your Art

The Blown Glass Collective works with you to create the aesthetic you desire. You are no longer confined to mass-produced, clear glass, light fixtures of the past. You can choose the colors, the styles, and the overall feel of your vision. Your blown glass chandelier will be a timeless addition to your decorating scheme and illuminate your vision throughout the years.